Reduce Costs... Increase Profits. Period.

GDI will handle all of the details involved in arranging a reputable supplier for manufacturing your finished product or parts and delivering them to your doorstep. With GDI, you'll find purchasing from a foreign supplier no different than purchasing from a domestic manufacturer--except in one respect--you will reduce your material costs and increase your profit.

All Of The Benefits... None of the Problems. Offshore Sourcing The Smart Way

For many companies, the multitude of details involved in offshore sourcing can seem formidable. Letters of credit, shipping arrangements, customs and language barriers are just some of the elements with which they must contend. GDI will see to these details while you see to your business. Your company will benefit from our expertise in locating a suitable supplier, negotiating the best price, tooling for production and overseeing quality control.

Our proficiency extends to arranging ocean and inland freight delivery, duty payments, customs clearance and insurance. We oversee every aspect of the process keeping you fully apprised of the status of your shipment. No surprises, no unexpected glitches--just lower cost, quality parts and products delivered on schedule to your warehouse.

Your Logistical Needs... Global Decisions and Service!

GDI stands ready to assist you with all your logistical needs. We take pride in managing the cost and problems associated with International Business today. Our professional staff is focused on key issues that can save your company time and money - and we've been doing it for over 20 years!

Offices in New York, Miami, and Venezuela will act as your satellite locations for all aspects of international commerce. Our systematic approach and flexibility allows us to assume complete responsibility, or any part, of your needs.

We continuously expedite your orders and provide continuous updates on order status. We provide; staging for your inventory to allow for optimal matched inventory, invoicing in whatever language may be required, and door to door transportation.


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